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The RGEC Learning Center was developed with a few objectives in mind. To capture our before and after school model in training modules to help elevate the knowledge of our site supervisors and instructors.  And also, to capture all the creative ideas generated from our field personnel and offer those lesson plans to all members of RGEC.  In both of these elements, our intentions were to provide great support, guidance and development to our field personnel.  Leveraging technology as we have done in this database affords RGEC members access to the creative intellectual work product produced from the great work of all its members. Lastly, by taking a collaborative approach to our before and after school services we enhance and heighten the experience for all children who come to us for daily support with their educational needs. 


We are both proud and grateful for all who have contributed to the work contained in this technology platform – the RGEC Learning Center.   

The RGEC Learning System helps our Instructors keep up with the latest training and knowledge needed to provide the quality of service RGEC provides for Before & After School care.


Lesson Plans

All RGEC staff  have access to a library of lesson plans created and used by other staff at RGEC programs across the state

RGEC Certification

RGEC provides trainings for different topics surrounding child care and more… Here you can get certified.

Instruction Videos

A number of instructional videos to help our RGEC staff gain a visual of how our programs should operate.

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