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Navigating Databases and Timesheets

This training will show you how to use all of RGEC's databases and communication app as well as instruct you on how to complete a timesheet for payroll.

Mission and Value Training

We believe that the interests of our customers including their families are of primary importance. They provide the reasons for our existence and the rationale for the resources with which we operate.

Understanding Your Role

Training module for helping contractors understanding their roles and responsibilities as an RGEC instructor.

Lesson Plans: Form Before Function

A training on how to create fun and educational lesson plans for students in our RGEC Before and After School Program.

Lesson Plans: Learning Objectives

Training on the objectives we aim to achieve in creating lesson plans for students in RGEC.

Methods of Instruction

Training for instructors on how to successfully deliver lesson plans and activities in a fun and constructive way.

Classroom Management Training

Training for techniques on how to manage your before and after school classroom as an instructor or site supervisor.

Professional Development

A training course based on professional development for our contractors that will go over ways to grow within RGEC.


A PowerPoint training on employee motivation and how to create and maintain a motivated work ethic as an RGEC instructor.

Improving Mindfulness

A training on how to improve mindfulness and be aware of your environment as well as situations you find yourself in while working for RGEC.

Interpersonal Skills

Training on how to recognize and and hone your charismatic skills that will help you in interactions you have with co-workers, parents, and students.

Handling Difficult Customers

Training that will advise you on how to deal with difficult customers as well as conflicts with co-workers that may arise while working at a site.

Civility in the Workplace

Training based on maintaining civility in the RGEC workplace with supervisors, co-workers, and customers.

Developing New Managers

This training is for coordinators and directors to outline ways of identifying and developing new mangers through a structured management track.

COVID-19 Training 2020

Procedures for re-entering and setting up a safe site for RGEC staff and students.